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Hondata is the world leader in engine management systems for Honda vehicles. The Hondata systems utilise the car's existing Honda ECU rather than replace it, allowing the vehicle to retain full dash functionality and driveability.

Hondata have been in the forefront of Honda ECUs and engine management system development since 1999 and have been responsible for many innovations in the field, in fact just about everything in aftermarket Honda engine management tuning was developed by Hondata, who continue to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Equally at home on a daily driven vehicle as well as many types of race vehicles Hondata tuned vehicles have enjoyed a high level of success in many forms of racing, including rallying, circuit racing, endurance racing, drag Racing, hill-climbing and sprinting.

The following Hondata systems are offered:

Hondata S300 - for B, D and H series powered vehicles

Hondata KPro and K100 - for Honda Civic Type R EP3, Integra DC5 and K20A engine swaps

Hondata Flashpro - for Honda Civic Type R FN2, Civic Type R FD2, Ariel Atom 3, 10th Generation 1.5 Turbo Civic, CRZ and some Accord models, plus also the new Honda

Civic Type R FK2 and FK8s (for the FK2 and FK8 only the ECU will need to be jailbroken/unlocked).

A hondata system offer many features to enable the tuning of modified Honda engines through the existing Honda ECU, such as all forced induction (turbocharged and supercharged), naturally aspirated and nitrous oxide powered vehicles, for example:

- They support larger fuel injectors of any type and have the ability to adjust dead times to suit

- Adjustable ignition tables (for all cam angles where applicable)

- Full cam angle adjustability for Honda engines with variable valve timing, including the new FK2 and FK8 K20C engines on both inlet and exhaust cams

- Datalogging (excludes K100)

- Error code reading (excludes K100)

- Hondata Mobile app via Bluetooth (excludes K100)

- Variety of base maps within the software

- Boost by gear (for forced induction)

- Plus many other features, please see the relevant product page on the CPL Racing website for a full list of features of each system

The Hondata Traction Control system, Coil Pack Retrofit, thermal heatshield gaskets, boost control solenoids, injector driver, strain guage and high quality map sensors complete the Hondata product range.

Since 2003, CPL Racing has been proud to represent Hondata as their largest official European dealer and offer:

- On-site dyno tuning, setup and fitting of all Hondata products on all setups from stock vehicles through to high power forced induction

- Large stocks of all Hondata products available off-the-shelf

- On-site ECU socketing service for Kpro, K100 and S300 - with prompt turnaround

- On-site ECU and Hondata system testing service

- On-site ECU unlocking / jailbreaking for the FK2 an FK8 ECUs

- Technical support (for CPL Racing customers)

Featured Hondata Product: Hondata Flashpro Honda Civic FK2 with ECU unlock / jail break



PLEASE NOTE - This Flashpro will not work unless the ECU is unlocked/jail-broken, please email us at for a copy of the FK2 Flashpro and Jailbreak order form

Price inlcudes supply of the Hondata Flashpro and Jailbreaking of the ECU 

We unlock  / jail break all ECUs here on site at CPL Racing, you will receive your own ECU back, no swapping of ECUs is necessary

**Jailbreaking is a mail order service only, we are unable to accept callers unless your car is booked in for dyno tuning.**

To learn more about Hondata please see this link


 In 2015 Honda released a generation of vehicles with an all-new power plant in the form of the K20C engine.  A turbo-charged engine with a whole new set of features:

- Direct injection 

- Variable valve timing on both inlet and exhaust cams

- Electronic wastegate control

- Real-time active knock control 

- Permanent closed loop fuel injection

- Bosch ECU and fuel system


As a result of extensive R&D Hondata have now released their ECU control system, consisting of both a Hondata Flashpro and ECU unlock/jailbreaking service.   As the official UK Hondata representative, CPL Racing are able to offer the ECU unlocking/jail break service here on site by mail order, or alternatively customers can bring their vehicles for ECU unlocking and full dyno tuning service.  The unlocking/jailbreaking is a one-time only procedure and once carried out the ECU can be programmed using the Flashpro system as many times as is required.

The Hondata Flashpro enables full user tuning and d... Read More...

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