Hondata Flashpro FK8 Launch Control

Hondata Flashpro FK8 Launch Control

As well as offering the ability to tune your FK8 for more power and torque, the Hondata Flashpro also offers some additional features.

In this short technical article we will describe the launch control feature.


What is launch control?

Launch control is a feature that allows the driver to 'launch' his/her vehicle from a precise rpm level allowing for optimised and consistent acceleration from a standing start.


How do you set up launch control within the Hondata Flashpro Manager software?

Below is a screen shot showing the launch control parameters within the Flashpro Manager software, it is a simple as setting the rpm to the desired level and uploading the calibration to the ecu.

FK8 Launch Control Parameters


How do I operate launch control in the vehicle?

Bring the engine rpm up to the launch control rpm, hold the cruise control cancel button. The rpm will be limited to the point when the button was pressed.


Below is a datalog showing this feature working in our test vehicle. You can see the throttle is at 45% and the rpm is held firmly at 3500rpm.

FK8 Launch Control

You can find out more information about the Hondata Flashpro here

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