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Just wanted to say thank you for the service and ECU reflash.  Car feels brilliant like a totally new car to drive, the lower vtec kicking in fells great and pulls all the way up the rev range!.

Sam Cifti

It rained for the first time the other day, and i tell you what that hondata traction control is SSSSOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!  That product is brilliant!!!  HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

Alistair Neale

I would like to say a massive thank you to you guys.... My car has been absolutely amazing this year up Santa Pod, and also as a daily runner. I never expected to get where I have got with the mods I have.  The service CPL provides is very welcoming and Guy is always happy to help me with any questions I have. Just wanted you both to know. Thanks again.

Barry Packer

Last week I had my CRX with a turbod B18 dyno tuned at CPL and I was more than pleased with the results as it made more power than I was hoping for, even after me and Guy had discussed how far to push the stock engine to retain good reliability as the CRX is my daily driver.  The CRX drives lovely at all aspects of my day to day driving be it to work, the shop or a blast around the B road, its 100% spot on as if it was stock.  Throughout the build as I do all the work myself Guy would give me advice on the parts I should use to get the best out of what I had, bearing in mind that I didn't have a large budget he didn't suggest parts that wouldn't be necessary at this time.

Having been a long term customer of CPL Racing I have seen the company grow into what it is today but one thing that hasnt changed is that they will always try to make the customer happy as much as possible, which they have made me for many years and will for many more years to come.

Dave Shaw


I wanna start by thanking you. I've just returned from having my car remapped with yourselves and just wanna say how amazing the results are! I thought the whole experience of being shown the workshop and what you do was brilliant and I felt very comfortable leaving my car with you as it was in capable hands.

Steve Hemington


Had a great day at CPL today, thanks to Guy the Hondata tuning for my S2K is spot on, cheers Guy!

Chao Kun Yue  (Hondata Flashpro and tuning)

Just received the ECU. Thank you for you fast and reliable service!
Samer Albert

I received the Flashpro This morning. It was Very well packed:) also thanks for the great services and communication A*. Am going to fully recommend this to my friends :)

Kayron - Gibraltar


Received my rbc and hondata intake gasket yesterday thanks for quick
turn around, great work and service.  (RBC porting)
Carl Owen


Thanks to both of you for great hospitality again and the best service I have ever received at a garage!!
Mike Lucken


I've been meaning to write this email since I picked my Honda up but
between working and sleeping have not found the time.  I would just
like to say thanks to you and Guy for taking the time to talk to me,
and advise me through what products to opt for in my first round of
modifications.  I would also like to say a massive thank you for
completely transforming my car.  It is much more drivable under
normal use, but who cares about that, is truly epic when being driven
hard!  I am yet to find the time to get it on a track day but as soon
as I do I will be sure to let you guys know how it is :) 
Once again, thank you very much and no doubt I will be seeing you next
year for my next round of modifications!

Daniel Bruce, Warrington (CPL manifold, CPL intake, Tein S/S with upper mounts, Hondata Flashpro, Invidia catback)


Both Myself and Mike really appreciate the quality of the work and the level of service you guys achieve and continually turn out for us. It is really worth our 600 mile ten hour drive to get the work done, I can see that Guy will be the only person going forward to get to look after and further develop the performance and further mods on this car !

At the last track day at Knockhill  the car was getting a lot of comments both on speed on the track and the quality of the work under the bonnet in the pits

Mike and Steve Dunlevy - Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Again you have just done a fantastic job, and I am very very happy with the car. Pure craftmanship.

Jesper - Denmark


Hi Lynn
thank you very much for the work you did to my car yesterday, especially to guy!!. Cant believe how much quicker it goes and sounds great too(my wife not so impressed tho!!). I will definitely be back for more work at some point. Again many thanks to you all, I have been very impressed by your service and even more so by the results to my car.
Yours thankfully

Alasdair Mersh


Firstly big thanks to Guy and Lynn for their help and speedy deliviery of my CPL CAI.  I have had three intakes now, HKS RSK, Mugen Intake and now the CPL CAI.  The HKS RSK was removed as I got fed up with the car feeling sluggish in traffic and on hot days, the Mugen intake cost me a fortune and it bothered me that I only had small gains over the HKS RSK.

Now I have to admit when I got my JRSC fitted last year Guy did say he felt the CPL CAI might be better than the Mugen intake I had fitted to my car but I ignored him (I was in denial as the Mugen intake cost me so much).

So a year went on and I couldnt help being lured to trying out the CPL CAI as the route it took just made so much more sense than the route my Mugen intake took.

So it arrived promptly and I fitted it myself last weekend, the instructions provided were very good and were broken down to easy to understand steps so even someone who isnt a mechanic could fit it, I have to admit I quite enjoyed fitting it actually.  Everything fits perfectly, no rattles or anything, makes sense as it was specifically designed for the FN2.

Now onto the quality.  The welds on the intake pipe were excellent and battery relocation kit really felt sturdy and solid bit of kit.  Also a cleanable K&N air filter was provided.

So it was fitted and as suspected the cal on my car did not need changing (I run MAP fueling).

I used to think the HKS RSK was the best sounding intake, boy was I wrong.  The CPL CAI sounds awesome at full throttle, it really highlights the whining of my JRSC.

Intake air temps are much closer to atmospheric temps than they used to be on any of my previous intakes. Also its worth noting how hot it has been in Colchester this week (HOT!).  The filter sits just a bit higher than where my Mugen scoop used to be, which makes sense as it has a nice cold feed of air and it is not exposed to rain entering into that area.

The car feels immense to drive, I kid you not if you told me someone secretly fitted a smaller pulley to my JRSC Id beleive them.  Throttle response is fantastic now and the car just feels like it pulls stronger in every gear throughout the rev range, also there are not flat spots.

I strongly recommend anyone looking for an aftermarket intake on the FN2 to seriously consider the CPL CAI, as out of three intakes I have had it is the best of the lot IMO and is very good value for money.

Thanks again CPL Racing.

Ash_rage (Civinfo forum)


Thank you very much for the work and tuning you carried out yesterday. I'm so pleased with the car now! I didnt really get to test it yesterday due to rush hour traffic but it will get a good testing next weekend at the nordschlife :) I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks me about a Honda tuner, I consider Guy to be the godfather of Honda tuning, keep up the great work guys. I will no doubt be back at some point in the future, thanks again

John McBrien


I just wanted to say thankyou very much for the work you carried out on my car - absolutely over the moon with it now. Thanks very much :)

Ross Diaz


Hi - got it (CPL Hondata/Reflash for EP3) and fitted it can notice the speed difference straight away well happy with it and also happy with service posted it back dead quick and even customer service from your self was top notch thanks.

Iain Howie


A side note the CPL CAI is awesome and designed the way a real CAI should be:)

Madcaddies (Civinfo forum)


Another very satisified customer from Denmark. I got a second hand CPL race exhaust manifold which works perfectly:)

Also bought CPL CAI, Hondata Heatshield gasket and Gold lug nuts from you guys at CPL Racing and VERY happy with your customer service, knowledge and speedy delivery:)
Rune from Denmark


My car is fantastic thanks to Guy & yourself, Im so chuffed

Mark Dale


I received the ECU back this afternoon. Thanks again for answering the questions and providing a fast and reliable service.

You guys even returned the old tea towel I wrapped it up in...Superb.

Steven Watt.


Im another satisfied customer from Greece :)
Bought an RRC IM, Hondata IMG and although not CPL parts, they were very quick to reply to all my enquiries, postage was reasonable and sent out quickly.
Also have a second hand CPL manifold and it really is a great quality product

Beatdown (Civinfo forum)


I can also confirm that Im a user of the CPL Racing manifold, which has given me the best gains on my car ive seen. Exceptionally pleased with it.

I just also sold my HKS RSK and im going to purchase a CPL CAI, as ive heard nothing but good things about it.

FrankstaH (Civinfo forum)

Would just like to email to express my thanks with the work carried out and especially the speed of the job,
The car is also brilliant on fuel ad I managed to get all the way home 265 miles on half a tank, including a blast against a m3. Once again thankyou I will be in touch about further modifications in the near future.

The car drive really nice, it is really a great upgrade !!

Need the get used a bit on the high noise on low revs but great is that from 4000rpm it becomes very quiet what is exactly around 120 to130 km per hour :-)

Thanks a lot !! and maybe see you soon ...

E. Landeghem
Customer from Belgium with FN2 fitted with Toda cams, CPL valve springs, Gruppe M intake, RRC inlet manifold, CPL manifold, Hondata Flashpro, CPL Balance Shaft Delete Kit

From Civinfo Forum ref FN2 CPL Supercharger............

Sounds good, you wont be disappointed.  Make sure you get the uprated ID injectors to go with it.
Had mine a while now, well chuffed with it.
The biggest surprise was fuel economy.  I was expecting it to be rerally bad, however staying out of boost I think the fuel comsumption might even be better!!
Great piece of kit, perfect for a fit and forget mod.
Ashley Welch


Just emailing to let you know that I received the ECU back on Friday and just wanted to say thanks for you great customer service and extremely fast turn around. I cant flaw the service you provide in any way and will happily recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again,
Dave Roberton


I just wanted to write and say thank you for looking after myself and my car so well during the weeks you had it.  As with the previous car (Civic EP3) you set up for me, this one is flawless.  It always amazes me how you can fit so many different products in such a short space of time and still do the job better than some of the other tuning companies I have used in the past.  It is also so refreshing that I know I can ring up to talk to Guy about any future modification or changes, and he will make the time to talk through all the best options, offering his impartial advice, and using all his years of hands on experience to ensure I make the best informed choice I can.

I have just finally bed the clutch in fully and been able to test what the car can do.  The "fast road" setut is just fantastic and the roll centre adjusters are doing thier job perfectly.  The car is very predictable mid corner and allows you to put the power down early with the Quaife differential.  The time Guy spend tuning the car really shows, with low down torque and a very smooth power delivery through the supercharger, making power all the way up through the rev ranve.  The best feature of the car is its adjustability from a driving point of view.  I can now change where the gear lever is, change the amount of throw I want from it, and adjust the steering wheel forward and backwards which allows me to find the perfect driving position for myself.  Overall I am more than pleased with the work that has been done, producing a setup that feels so much better than I thought it possibly could.

I know I will be back again in the near future and I know that you will look after myself and my car with all the professionalism I have come to expect from you.  Thanks very much.

David Hilton-Barber

(Jackson Racing supercharged DC5 owner)


Just a quick one to say that car runs perfect,thanks again

Dean Tate


CPL has been looking after my Type-R for the best part of 3 1/2 years, ever since I first approached them to fit the Hondata K100 chip. Since then and 50k miles later, I have worked up to 290bhp, adding JRSC, complete Toda system and LSD to name a few things. CPL have also done the servicing too, which is good for my peace of mind given the power boost. With my car now on 131k miles its been nothing short of fantastic to drive each time and very reliable too. Well worth the money. Very satisfied customer, both of Honda and CPL. Cheers Guy and Lynn.

All the best


Thanks for the work carried out today, I was amazed by the difference it made! far more than I expected, and made me get that new car feeling again!Ill be back soon - Stuart
Stuart Walker

Just an e mail to say thanks for the work on the car very happy with results it sounds mental and goes like stink i probably will be back for more in the future so you probably hear from me in the future thanks again

Dwain Lydon

Since having my mapping and tuning work done on my car she is running loads better then the map I had before, fuel is so much better and she just pulls like a weapon, I noticed the difference at my first race at Santa Pod since having the mapping work done with yourselves and my time had improved by a whole second all down to good mapping work, also thank you both for being so friendly and helpful.  

Amy (Grimsby)


Just a quick thank you email - my project elise type r (fn2) just started up for the first time friday night and seems fine.  Should actually move under its own steam this weekend!  Could not have done it without your help - big THANKYOU!  Your all stars!

Charlie Leibscher


Hi Lynn

I was going to e-mail you this afternoon anyway, so I guess it was good timing!

In regards to fuel consumption, the car actually has better fuel consumption off boost than it did before the conversion.  When it is on boost it uses a lot more, which is normal.  Its not overly consuming, but is giving me around 18-20 MPG if I am driving on boost a lot.  I am in the process of getting more accurate figures worked out as I have had quiet a few people asking me about it.

I was going to e-mail just to really say another big thank you to you and Guy for all the work you did and the great customer service/care I have received.  The car still puts a smile on my face each time I take it out! 

David Hilton-Barber


My car was again perfect all the way home and was ace on fuel, pulls very hard and vtec cross over again faultless.

I am over the moon.

Karl Hart


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the recent work you carried out on my car. The JRSC has made a considerable difference, even more so than what I had expected. The car will be out at Silverstone this Friday on a track day, the way is goes now should surprise a few people.

The car is still so drivable and easy to live with even when pottering about and extremely lively when not!

The workmanship and customer service, as usual has been outstanding, the new bracket on the charger is excellent and gives me peace of mind.

As I said before you are all welcome to visit  to the Honda Institute anytime.

Best of luck for this season.

Thanks again

Paul Stokes (The Honda Institute)


Hi lynn thanks for the pictures and making us welcome at CPL . Car ran absolutely fantastic on the way home really really pleased !!!!!  many thanks

Steve Jewitt


ECU arrived totay at 16:00 CET. I cant belive my eyes when I see the courrier arrive.  The fastest service & shipping I ever seen!  Real professionals!  Many many thanks!!!!

The ECU is in the car and everything works ok! thanks again and best regards  

Tomi (Italy)

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help and the truly excellent service you provided.

The Quaife has transformed the cars handling, its amazing.  I noticed the improvement on the second bend out of CPL !  And yet its so smooth, the only thing you pick up on is the extra grip, no clunkiness etc.

The CPL intake is equally amazing.  You were right Guy, its a lovely sound and I am so pleased I went for it.  Its actually a bit quieter (and much better sounding) than the K&N Apollo.  I noticed the performance gain as well.  The car is more responsive and pulls harder throughout the rev range, particurlarly in VTEC which is a real joy.

I really cannot thank you enough, said modifications are worth every penny.  I have recommended you to 4 friends already so hopefully some more business will come your way soon.

Paul Dawkins


Thanks for the dyno chart gratefully received upon our return home. The journey was amusing to say the least!

Please pass on my great thanks to Guy for the work he put into the car. The increase in performance is fantastic.

After having initially read about the conversion on your site prior to me booking the car in, I did not realise how smooth and progressive the increased power delivery would be. Needless to say I am very happy and cannot wait to take the car to Santa Pod in the new year.

No doubt the car will be back to you for further treatment in the near future but Im going to enjoy (and get used to)! the extra power it has at the moment.

Many thanks once again and kindest regards. Have a lovely Christmas and prosperous new year!

Gavin Gowers


To all at CPL Racing.

Thanks very much for the great work you have done with the mapping on my EP3.

Very impressed and very happy with the results..Every time i put my foot down it puts a smile on my face, in my eyes that is what its all about..............

I am very very impressed with my visit to you workshop and the tour you provided me and my friend of your facilities.

Great results, great customer services. TOP company! ......

Thank you again

James Whitmarsh 


Hi again guys
First of all I would just like to thank you all for an amazing job on the car. I am very very impressed with the overall performance.  I got all the way back to brum (approx 170 miles) with well over half a tank left in the car. I cant even do that on a standard typer. I  really opened up the gas when I got back home around familiar country lanes. One word. AWSOME. Incredible power and sounds so aggressive, LSD is great too. Have not tried the launch control yet. Thankyou all again for everything and I already cannot wait till I am back next year getting more work done.

Eddie Boyle


The car is great i love it to bits, just hoping the weather gets better so i can have it out more! The power increase right from low down the rev range to high up is excellent and the power delivery  is really smooth. Thanks again

Craig Johnson


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