Nitrous Bottle Refills

Here at CPL Racing we have an on-site nitrous filling station, so if you are located in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex or Essex we are your local filling station.  Below is some information for customers wishing to have their nitrous bottles refilled.


Our nitrous refill station has a dash 4 female hose connection which needs to be connected to your nitrous bottle to enable us to fill the bottle with nitrous.

In most cases NOS, Nytrex, Cold Fusion and Nitrous Express bottles have a dash 4 male outlet adaptor   fitted which will in turn fit directly onto our refill station

Wizards of NOS/Highpower  have two different types of bottle out let - one M8 and the other M10 - we have at our workshop an adaptor from both M8 and M10 to dash 4

The above mentioned are the only adaptors that we have, if your bottle has anything other than these you must bring with you a method of adapting your bottle outlet to dash 4 male otherwise we will be unable to fill your bottle for you.


Nitrous is currently charged at £8.65 incl VAT per pound (equivalent to £19.03 incl VAT per kilo)

Please be aware that there is minimum refill charge of £65 incl VAT per bottle.


We can refill your bottle any time between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.


Please note we will only fill nitrous bottles for use in motor vehicles, and reserve the right to decline refilling any bottle which we deem to be unsafe.


We are unable to fill nitrous bottles on Friday 26th October. 2018

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