Dyno Tuning

Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dynomometers are at the cutting edge of dyno technology. CPL Racing have an on-site 4WD Dyno Dynamics dynomometer which is capable of tuning vehicles well over 1000 bhp.

With real-time graphing, the torque and horsepower curves are generated while your car is making a dyno pull. With this feature, there is no need to subject the vehicle to an entire full-load dyno pull just to determine whether the last EFI calibration change was more beneficial.

Anthony Allitt Dyno Cell

With amazing resolution and sampling speeds of 5000 times per second, the Dyno Dynamics dynamometer is even able to pick up torque fluctuations caused by spurious knock sensor activity and pre-ignition. It has completely adjustable ramp-up rates, and is capable of reproducing a wide array of real world conditions without any chance of tire slippage, regardless of power output. This allows the car to be tuned for the specific kinds of load characteristics it is expected to see on the road or track. Also, being a true steady state dynamometer, steady-state loading is also possible for optimal fuel and spark advance mapping.

Quite simply, there is no other chassis dynamometer in the word capable of quantifying virtually every aspect of power output. As a result, there is no better tool for tuning high-performance engines for real world conditions.

Specific Uses:

Fuel Injection mapping
Power measurement
Nitrous Oxide setup
Air fuel ratio verification
Boost setup
Engine breaking in (especially useful for race cars/bikes)


Four wheel drive
Maximum horsepower measurement in excess of 1000 bhp
Sample rate 5000 times per second
Items graphed can include Bhp, torque, mph, egt, air fuel ratio, lambda, boost, acceleration, intake charge temperature, intake air temperature

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