Hondata S300 V3 including socketing/fitting into customers OBD1 ECU

Hondata S300 V3 including socketing/fitting into customers OBD1 ECU


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The only definitive way to get the most from any engine modifications you have made (such as air intake systems, exhaust systems, camshafts, supercharger, turbo etc) is to have the electronic control unit (ECU) in your car professionally tuned/mapped on a dyno with a Hondata engine management system.

Hondata systems modify the standard Honda engine computers (ECUs), adding features and expanding the capabilities of the stock ECU. Vehicles with year of manufacture up to and including 2006 models require the ECU to be modified and in most cases hardware is added, for vehicles of years 2007 and onwards tuning takes place via an external programming interface. In all cases Hondata software is utilised in order to change the parameters/settings within the ECU (i.e. to tune the car).

So why use Hondata instead of one of the many standalone systems available on the market? The answer is very simple; nothing will run a Honda engine better than a Honda ECU, and the Hondata systems all leave the Honda ECU completely intact thereby retaining full reliability, full dash functionality etc.

Applications - Please see Technical Information section

The Hondata S300 converts the factory OBD1 Honda ECU into a fully reprogrammable engine management system. With an S300 system fitted the car can be tuned (remapped) on a dyno to release the untapped power in the engine. All levels of modification can benefit from an S300 system from a totally standard car, to a mildly modified setup, right through to the wildest supercharged, nitrous-injected or turbo setup.

• Fits inside the ECU
• Built in data-logging to a laptop
• Adjustment for different sized injectors, with overall fuel trim
• Configurable for any MAP sensor (to 5 Bar and above)
• TPS based table lookup for ITBs
• Engine protection from over boost and lean protection
• Expanded fuel and ignition tables, both in rpm and load, to 60 lbs boost and 11,000 rpm (these are not the upper limits)
• Three multi-purpose outputs for nitrous control or similar
• PWM output for boost control

Please note: You will need to complete an order form to send with your virgin ECU for socketing/fitting of the S300v3. Please ensure that you are sending us a virgin ECU as we cannot fit S300v3 to an ECU that has already been socketed or "chipped" for another system.  Please email us at for a copy of the order form and we will respond quickly. Thank you.

Further note: This S300v3 is suitable for either a European or US ECU, if you have one of the "square" JDM ECUs you will need an S300J, please email us for further details.


For more information on Hondata, please see the link below

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Vehicle Fitment Information

All fitment information is only a guide, exact fitment may differ. If in doubt please email us.

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