CNC Ported Cylinder Heads

CPL Racing are currently developing CNC ported cylinder heads for Honda and Mini applications, and we will be working on other marques once these are complete. 

Available right now are CNC ported cylinder heads for the B16/B18C6, K20/K24, K20C and Mini N14/N18, price for these is £799 incl VAT, (assumes customer provides donor head).

These have been developed from the ground up using state-of-the-art computer aided design techniques and computerised flow bench testing.  This has resulted in a high quality, high performance cylinder head.

Our CNC ported heads are packed full of features designed to improve the performance of the engine, including:

- Improved airflow inlet ports

- Improved airflow exhaust ports

- Unrivalled consistency and repeatability

- Applications to suit turbo-charged, supercharged and normally aspirated engines

- Superior surface finish

- Unique machining techniques

If you are interested in our CNC ported heads please send an email to


CNC Ported Cylinder Head

K inport

N14 exh port


K20C CNC port 2

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