Fault Diagnosis

Due to our extensive expertise of the Honda engines, transmission, ECU and electronics we can offer fault diagnosis and repairs at rates far less expensive than a Honda main dealer. 

At a main dealer the technician will usually rely purely on a diagnostics tool and step-by-step instructions written in a manual.  This can mean that parts are replaced on your car that may not actually be faulty, until the fault is eventually found.

At CPL Racing we use our knowledge and expertise of the cars in order to diagnose faults, and only use the Honda diagnostic equipment to compliment our detailed technical knowledge, rather than replace it.  We also have many used and new spare parts on site, and if we suspect that a component is faulty we will always aim to try a spare component we have in the workshop to confirm this is the problem, rather than the customer going to the expense of buying several new parts.

As a point of note we also have other additional diagnostic facilities that Honda dealers do not have access to, so you can rest assured that fault diagnosis is undertaken as economically and efficiently as possible.

Please be aware that due to the wide field of fault diagnosis we are not able to diagnose faults over the telephone or by email, we need to have the car here in our workshop to enable us to do this.    Price is £62.50 per hour or part thereof excluding VAT, plus cost of any replacement parts which may be required.

Please call us on (01795) 668778 to book your car in for fault diagnosis and repair.

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