K24 Test Engine - Part 2

Having previously established a baseline for our K24 project, it’s now time to see if we can increase the power in order to get closer to our goal. From testing on both flow bench and dyno, we know that whilst the RBC is a good all round inlet manifold - we also know that it can be improved upon.

Some of you may have seen our post in which we shared some information on our inlet manifold testing on a K20 engine. To cut a long story short, we have confirmed what we suspected, and that is to get the best performance possible there is no one size fits all inlet manifold.  With that in mind we have designed an inlet manifold with adjustable runner length and plenum volume, as well as various runners that produce different air flow and velocity. 

You will see as the project progresses that when other changes are made the power will be optimised by varying the parameters of the inlet manifold along with tuning changes in the Hondata KPro4.

See below chart: -

Baseline with RBC inlet manifold in blue

Initial run adjustable inlet manifold in green

Final run after numerous inlet manifold changes in red


K24 part 2 IM first comparison


You can see that the initial run with the adjustable inlet manifold gained a small amount of mid range and top end power, however after making a number of adjustments a more sizeable amount of top end power was achieved, as well as the power now carrying for an additional 500 rpm.  Below you can see the original baseline in blue vs. the now optimised inlet manifold in red.  Further below is a picture of our adjustable inlet manifold in just one of its many guises, this time on a K20.


K24 part 2 2nd IM comparison


Adjustable inlet manifold


In the next instalment we will be adding a set of camshafts into the mix whilst still retaining the stock K24 RBB cylinder head.

That’s all for now, please remember to to "Like" and "Share" on the various social media platforms, and a polite reminder that the engine will be for sale once the project is complete.



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