EBC Red Stuff Front Brake Pads - Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001 - 2006

EBC Red Stuff Front Brake Pads - Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001 - 2006

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Product Information

EBC Redstuff brake pads set new standards in brake performance. Redstuff pads have always been known for their low dust ability but the latest blend has greatly reduced the phenomenon of pad "Pick up" or disc scoring and reduced dust even further.

During testing at the UK Motor Industries Research Association (MIRA) early Redstuff reduced car stopping distance in tests by almost 50 feet from 100 MPH offering a staggering 30% brake improvement.

Redstuff however as a harder compound does take longer to fully bed in to achieve its highest levels of performance (can be up to 1500 miles urban use) during which time the odd "Chirp" of brake noise may be heard when starting from cold in damp and cold conditions at walking pace speed. One press of the pedal to clear the rotor of any dampness and this disappears to leave EBC Redstuff a pad that inspires confidence in all cars. The motto is be patient give the pads a full chance to bed down.

The new EBC Redstuff blend is almost dust free yet delivers performance braking.

Category: Brakes

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