CPL Racing Civic Type R FN2 Standard Bore Cold Air Intake with Battery Relocation Kit

CPL Racing Civic Type R FN2 Standard Bore Cold Air Intake with Battery Relocation Kit


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Product Information

Product Description:

The CPL Racing cold air intake is a performance upgrade which replaces the factory air-box with an intake system designed to offer increased airflow and also use resonant pulses in the intake tract to provide the engine with more air. In turn this increases the engines horsepower output. In addition, the CPL intake is designed to provide the engine with a constant supply of cold air. The intake comes complete with a battery relocation kit in order to allow optimum positioning of the filter.

• Suitable for either left or right hand drive vehicles
• Direct fitment
• Supplied with illustrated fitting instructions
• Comes complete with battery relocation kit
• High quality components and construction
• Increased horsepower and torque
• Manufactured in the CPL workshop here in the UK
• Comes with high quality, cleanable K&N filter with high filtration
• Universally suitable for fitment with or without RRC (FD2) inlet manifold
• Does not put engine check light on
• Can be used with the stock ECU or with Hondata or other engine management systems
• Durable powder coated finish

Fitting time:
1.5 Hours

Customer comments:
Had CPL CAI fitted today....very tidy....utilises a K&N filter through to the inner wing behind the n/s/f wheel....filter cleaning by wheel removal and wing inner liner partly removed...not too bad.... Battery relocation by moving up higher and twisting 45degs (?) with new, very tidy battery box....the hole in the inner wing is already there and there are no splicing of wires etc. On the whole a pretty factory looking bit of kit imo................. gruesome-n

I dynoed my car today and have to admit that CPL Intake is great!! After couple runs intake remained cold, when it should be warmed up. Works great and definetely worth money. majkilipa89

Yes, the CPL intake is probably the best power intake for the FN2. I have seen 3 cars datalogs and the intake performed very good in every.

i've got the CPL intake and its absolutely superb - strongly recommend it. Spudwiser

speaking of CAIs the best ever for fn2 is CPL. allagios

CAI is the best for K20 and the best CAI for FN2 is CPL mw1978

Well if your after max gains then I would just go with a CPL CAI, a race header, then get flashpro....... summ0004

Very impressed with your CPL CAI, sounds really good and IAT appeared lowered than my old intake. Quite enjoyed fitting it also. Ashley Welch

Tuning notes:
Can be perfectly tuned with a Hondata Flashpro, using either “airflow meter” (MAF) or “manifold pressure” (MAP) calibrations.
Also runs perfectly on a stock ECU

Cold Air Intakes are also referred to as:
CAI’s, intakes, air filters, breathing modifications


Use this cleaning fluid to clean the filter every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes sooner


Category: Induction

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