CPL Civic Type R FN2 Race Exhaust Manifold

CPL Civic Type R FN2 Race Exhaust Manifold

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Honda Civic Type R (FN2) 2007 onwards

Product Description:
A well designed racing exhaust manifold is one of the best modifications you can make to your FN2; it will have a dramatically positive effect on cylinder scavenging and will raise the volumetric efficiency, thereby considerably increasing the torque and power output of the engine. This is achieved by optimizing the design so that during the valve overlap period, pressure waves arrive at the exhaust valve at the correct time, pulling additional intake charge into the cylinder and therefore creating a supercharging effect. It is also possible to create the broadest possible torque curve giving greater tractive force at the wheels more of the time, which is far more important to a vehicle’s overall performance that just peak horsepower. CPL Racing’s FN2 race exhaust manifold has gone through extensive research and development in order to achieve the broadest possible power curve throughout the entire rev range.

- All stainless steel construction (Grade 304) including flanges
- High quality Tig welds
- Highest quality fabrication techniques used
- Welds are back-purged (back-purging is a process used for welding high quality pipe-work when full penetration of the weld is required, it results in a totally smooth weld on the inside as well as the outside). The back-purging process used on the CPL manifold is the same process that is used in Formula 1 exhaust manifold construction
- Pipe diameters and lengths optimized for best horsepower and torque gains throughout entire rev range
- Slip joint construction
- Has optimal compatibility with the Hondata Flashpro (base calibrations in the Flashpro software were developed on a car with the CPL manifold fitted). Also has optimal compatibility with the Hondata Group N ECU(this item was available from 2007 to 2009)
- Direct fit with standard and aftermarket catback systems
- Suitable for both naturally aspirated and supercharged cars
- Little or no increase in exhaust noise
Lightweight, only 5.4 kilos compared with standard manifold which weighs 13.8 kilos, this also makes it economical to ship overseas

The CPL manifold is used by the Synchro (Honda) Motorsport team in 24 hour endurance racing

Fitting time:

2 Hours in workshop

Customer comments:

"I was one of the first to have CPL manifold and it have + 50.000km on it now. It's like new. Very good quality."
Nuno (Portugal)

"I got this in my fn2 it's amazing sound, great performance this headers is a work of Art " Salah (Kuwait)

"CPL Race manifold in my opinion is a very, very good product. I wouldn't change mine for anything :)" FrankstaH (civinfo forum)

Tuning notes:
If fitted in conjunction with a Hondata Flashpro the secondary oxygen sensor will require disabling
If fitted without Flashpro and CPL O2 simulator will be required to stop the engine check light coming on

Category: Exhaust

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