Clutchmasters FX100 Stage 1 Clutch - Honda B Series

Clutchmasters FX100 Stage 1 Clutch - Honda B Series


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CPL Racing has been using the Clutchmasters brand of clutches for 8 years now on both our customers and our own road and race cars. Whatever your application, from a completely standard car to a full blown racecar, there is a clutch within the Clutchmasters range to meet your needs.

The FX100 System uses the Power Plus 1 Pressure Plate with a custom heavy-duty Steel Back Organic friction disc. This clutch is engineered for heavy-duty street use. It is specifically designed for extended wear and additional clamping force for the enthusiast who has added an exhaust system, an intake system, up to 50hp NO2 upgrade, or other non-forced induction external bolt-ons. Drives just like a stock clutch with similar pedal pressure, normal clutch feel during engagement and disengagement for a very smooth operation.

Up to 70% increase in holding capacity

[u]About Clutchmasters[/u]

Historically high performance clutches have been a compromise. While improving holding or clamping pressure manufacturers nearly always increase pedal pressure to an uncomfortable point especially for stop-and-go traffic.

Besides drivebility concerns additional pedal pressure can adversely affect stock clutch linkage and cause premature thrust bearing wear leading to missed shifts damaged clutch components and even engine destruction.

Today thanks to Clutch Masters increased holding pressure does not necessarily mean increased pedal pressure and the problems that can accompany it. By re-engineering the leverage or fulcrum point on the pressure plate through their Hi-Leveragetm ttechnique Clutch Masters has increased clamping power often without changing pedal pressure.

Excessively increased pedal pressure as found in many of todays traditional high performance clutches places an unsafe amount of pressure on the delicate crankshaft thrust bearing found in most of todays sport compact automobiles. Placing undue stress on the thrust bearing typically causes the bearing to wear prematurely or fail altogether. This failure can lead to catastrophic internal engine damage.

A clutch simply put is a friction device that disengages and engages the engine from the transmission to allow for transition from motionless to movement and for gear changes. For street applications a smooth transition of power is essential while still being able to transfer all the power of the engine to the transmission. As power output of engines increase and demands on clutches become greater - for example high performance street or racing cars - the holding and clamping capacity of a clutch also must increase. This is where Clutch Masters innovative engineering comes into play.

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