Injector Dynamics ID2600-XDS Injectors

Injector Dynamics ID2600-XDS Injectors

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Product Information

Coming soon .................  the ID2600 injectors

The all new ID2600-XDS injectors are high flow 2600/min at 3 bar - 4195/min @ 9 bar

Built with stainless internals and compatible with all alcohol

Drop in fitment for over 200 applications




- Highest flow rate of any fuel injector offered by Bosch, flowing 50% more than the ID1700

- Developed specifically for use with liquid fuels, and the only injector with this valve arrangement which is released by Bosch for liquid fuel use

- Built with corrosion resistant internals, and fully compatible with ethanol and methanol  (please note the ID2600 are NOT compatible with MTBE, ETBE, TAME, or Nitro Methane)

- Benefit from Dual Slope Matching, a method of matching the flow rate in both the linear, and nonlinear operating range, providing better cylinder to cylinder consistency at low pulse widths. Detailed information can be found on the ID2600-XDS product page,

- Built with the same compact 34mm body as the rest of the X Series injectors, offering the greatest number of fitment options.

- Dual slope matching for balanced fuelling across the operating range

- Come complete with USCAR connectors

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