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Hondata/CPL Reflash for Honda Integra DC5

Hondata/CPL Reflash for Honda Integra DC5


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Product Information

The Hondata/CPL reflash is exclusive to CPL Racing and is a CPL written calibration not available elsewhere.
The reflash is suitable for either a standard car or one which has been modified with only an air induction kit and/or a catback exhaust system. [b]It is NOT SUITABLE for use if the car has been fitted with an exhaust manifold, inlet manifold, supercharger, turbo, cams, ITBs or other more advanced modifications.[/b] Although we can tune from the reflash if you bring your vehicle to our dyno if you later add these modification to the car (you do not need to purchase Hondata again).

The Reflash will increase the rev limit to 8600 rpm and decrease the Vtec point to 5200 rpm.
Most customers also report better fuel consumption with the Hondata/CPL Reflash.

If you would like to send your ECU and order the reflash by mail order, please email us at and request an order form to send with your ECU

For more information on Hondata, please see the link below

Customer comments: -

"Had the reflash done two weeks ago. Sent my ECU off to cpl on the monday got it back on the wednesday. The car fees amazing, lower vtec rance over 5200 rpm and higher limit 8600 rpm"

chrisv1545 - Civic Type R Forum memeber

"Received safely and installed this morning :) transformed the car! Amazing! Thank you!"

Keith Powell

Category: Engine Management

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All fitment information is only a guide, exact fitment may differ. If in doubt please email us.

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