CPL Racing O2 Simulator / O2 Sim

CPL Racing O2 Simulator / O2 Sim


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When fitting an aftermarket race manifold, decat pipe or sports cat, this necessitates removal of the OEM catalytic converter. This will result in the engine check light being illuminated on the dashboard, in the same way that the engine check light would be illuminated if there was a fault with the car. Although a fault does actually occur if an aftermarket manifold is fitted, it shows as such, therefore if a genuine fault was to occur with the car at a later date the driver would not be aware. The engine management light can be turned off in one of two ways to get it functioning as normal, as follows:

1. Fitting a Hondata engine management system (where the engine management light can be tuned off within the ECU).
2. Fitting a CPL Racing 02 Simulator

The 02 simulator is an electronic device which is soldered into the wiring leading to the secondary oxygen sensor as shown below

The O2 simulator is straightforward to fit and comes complete with easy to read wiring diagram.

Fitment time 30 minutes

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£57.50 (Ex VAT)

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