CPL Racing Modified Honda S2000 Oil Pump for K20 / K24 applications

CPL Racing Modified Honda S2000 Oil Pump for K20 / K24 applications


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Honda's K20/K24 power plant is arguably their greatest engine to date. However it does have one very important shortcoming - the oiling system and oil pump. For anyone using the K20 for track days, fast road or race applications the stock oiling system and oil pump is inadequate.

The factory oil pump is chain driven directly from the crankshaft at 1.62 x engine speed. This means that when the engine is spinning at 8000 rpm the oil pump is spinning at 12,960 rpm, and when at 9000 rpm the oil pump is spinning at 14580 rpm. This promotes cavitation at high rpm. Also, demands from the VTC and VTEC system results in virtually nothing left in reserve when engine loads are increased.

The solution to inadequate oiling is to use an oil pump capable of running at higher rpm without cavitation. This oil pump can be found in Honda's S2000 engine. Unfortunately the S2000 oil pump is not a direct fit into the K20 or K24, therefore we offer an S2000 oil pump suitably modified.

Furthermore all CPL Racing products are CAD/CAM designed, and machined in-house in our modern CNC facility. All CPL Racing products are thoroughly tested for peace of mind and used in our own vehicles.

- OEM quality
- CAD/CAM designed
- CNC machined
- Suitable for front engine'd vehicles
- Suitable for rear engine'd vehicles (e.g. Lotus, Ariel Atom 2, Z Cars Mini)
- Good insurance policy - cheaper than an engine rebuild
- Fits K20 and K24 engines
- Eliminates cavitation
- Available off the shelf
- Buy direct from the manufacturer
- Requires K24 oil pump chain (available separately on our website)

- Requires K24 oil pan or CPL Racing oil pan (please email for further details on the CPL Racing oil pan)

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