CPL Racing Bolt On Turbo Kit - Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-2006 K20

CPL Racing Bolt On Turbo Kit - Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-2006 K20

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Product Information

CPL turbocharged our first Honda way back in 2003, so we have extensive knowledge on what does and does not work, and also how to build a good quality turbo installation. Over the years we have also refined the components used, and in turn we have designed and manufactured an increasing number of these components in house.

All CPL Racing turbo kits are high quality and made here in the UK in our workshop.

Our exhaust manifolds are high quality tubular sidewinder manifolds .

Our intercoolers are designed to maintain correct flow and are also able to keep charge temperatures under control, in line with turbo size and boost level. Intercoolers are designed using CAD data which is backed up with data logged on the dyno, racetrack and road.

The CPL downpipes and waste-gate dump tubes are manufactured from thin wall high quality stainless steel, and are welded using a process that effectively means they are welded inside and out. This ensures additional strength and longevity.

Charge pipes are secured with high quality silicone couplers and worm drive clips to keep in place. As an optional extra we can offer CPL Racing red anodised clam style clamps which are an attractive addition to your engine bay, and can withstand 200psi, and allow for engine movement and thermal expansion.

Protecting existing pipes and wiring etc is extremely important, particularly in applications with the exhaust manifold on the rear of the engine. For this we utilise aluminized glass cloth which has been made to our own particular specification. This should not be confused with the lower specification cloth which is readily available around the internet.

Moving on to our oil and supply lines, these are manufactured from high quality motorsport specific hose and fittings and are heat protected where necessary.

Additionally we have designed and manufactured here in-house, our own oil take-off specifically for Honda engine blocks. Most other turbo kits on the market use a brass pipe fitting take-off, which is susceptible to leaks, corrosion and breakage. These types of fitting also makes it difficult to route the oil supply line in the correct direction without causing kinks in the oil supply line. To ensure no leaks CPL has reverse-engineered the Honda specific thread from the Honda engine block, and then designed and manufactured a fitting from stainless steel which fits perfectly. The CPL oil take-off also allows the oil line to pivot in any direction which means that oil supply pipe routing can be done appropriately with ease and without causing kinks.


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Category: Forced Induction

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